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Personal Injury

Semi-Truck Accidents

Damages You May Recover After A Semi-Truck Accident Injury in Michigan


Trucks can weigh 30 times as much as cars, so it is no wonder truck accidents result in a higher proportion of catastrophic injuries and deaths. Though trucks are held to more stringent regulatory standards than cars, for this reason, truck accidents continue to occur too frequently, often with disastrous consequences.If you have suffered serious harm in a truck accident in St. Clair Shores or anywhere in Southwestern Metro Detroit, you need the strong legal representation of Nunley Law Group, PLLC.


Why Nunley Law Group Is the Right Choice

Our personal injury attorneys have in-depth knowledge of Michigan state traffic laws and trucking regulations and nearly a decade of successful experience advocating for victims of trucking accidents caused by negligence. As soon as you contact us, we are prepared to step in to protect you from trucking companies that may be trying to deny liability and insurance companies that may be trying to buy you off with a low-ball settlement.


Our truck accident lawyers are well-schooled in the intricacies of personal injury law and know how traumatic truck accidents can be — physically, emotionally, and financially — for victims and their families. It is important that you call us before discussing your truck accident with insurance adjusters or signing any papers. Remember, insurance companies and trucking corporations are primarily interested in protecting their bottom lines; our attorneys are focused on helping you recoup your losses and secure your future.


Even in the No-Fault State of Michigan, You May Be Able to Sue for Damages. No matter who is at fault in a traffic accident in our state, you are entitled to recover damages for medical care and rehabilitation for life, income loss, and replacement service for 3 years and 3 years of survivor benefits if you have lost a loved one in the crash. 


Beyond that, you have the right to pursue a claim if the driver or a third party was at-fault for the accident​ and you suffered “excessive economic loss” or non-economic loss, such as pain and suffering or permanent disability. 


Contact our office now for a free consultation so we can assess whether you have a viable claim. We have the negotiation skills to settle the vast majority of personal injury cases out of court, but the aggressive litigation aptitude necessary to fight and win at trial if it becomes necessary. Moreover, we will charge you no attorneys’ fees until we win your case.


How We Can Help With Your Truck Accident Claim

When dealing with the complexities of a truck accident, we are often involved with claims against multiple parties:  e.g. the truck driver, the trucking company, drivers of other vehicles, several insurance companies, perhaps the government agency responsible for road maintenance or traffic signals, or even the truck manufacturer of a defective part.


You can count on our savvy truck accident attorneys to:


  • Investigate the accident site

  • Obtain and examine police reports and medical data

  • Check the trucker and trucking company records for previous accidents

  • Identify and interview witnesses

  • Collect forensic evidence and available surveillance videos

  • Handle all communications with insurance adjusters and opposing counsel

  • Consult with any necessary experts (e.g. medical, automotive, accident reconstruction)


Reasons for Truck Accidents in Southwestern Metro Detroit​

Common causes of truck accidents include:


  • Distracted driving — Truckers not only use GPS devices and smartphones to plot their routes, they often eat or drink, have phone conversations, or even text while driving long distances

  • Driver fatigue — Truckers are often rushing to meet deadlines, traveling during the night, and going without sufficient break times — all of which lead to fatigue

  • Impaired driving — Some truckers operate their vehicles while impaired by alcohol or other drugs or use stimulants to stay awake on the road

  • Improper loading —  Trucking companies may be responsible for allowing trucks to be improperly loaded, unbalanced, and hard to maneuver

  • Improper maintenance — Trucking companies or drivers may fail to inspect trucks or have them repaired in a timely manner

  • Inexperienced drivers — Some trucking companies use inexperienced drivers because they can pay them less, ignoring the dangers of that choice

  • Reckless driving —  Although most truckers drive safely, some speed, change lanes, tailgate, or neglect to check their blind spots

  • Poor road maintenance — Government agencies may be at fault for failing to clear snow, salt icy roads, repair potholes or traffic signals, making accidents more likely

  • Automotive defects — At times, a trucking manufacturer may be at fault for selling trucks with brake, steering, or tire defects they knew or should have known about


You can trust our detail-oriented truck accident attorneys to ferret out the cause or causes of your accident and hold the responsible party (parties) legally accountable.


The Terrible Injuries Truck Accidents Can Cause

The weight and speed of trucks make them more likely to do serious harm during collisions to those in smaller vehicles. This is why truck accident victims more frequently suffer:


  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Neck and back injuries 

  • Bone fractures

  • Burns 

  • Neuromuscular damage


Truck accident injuries may alter the course of your life, resulting in permanent disability or leaving you the survivor of a loved one’s wrongful death. This is why you need one of our powerful, empathic attorneys to see you through. At Nunley Law Group, we will pull out all the stops to fight for your right to maximum compensation.


Damages We Will Fight Vigorously to Recover

We take your right to compensation very seriously, knowing that receiving appropriate damages for the following will allow you to restart your life:


  • Medical expenses and rehabilitative costs

  • Lost income, present and future

  • Loss of earning capacity

  • Replacement services

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional distress

  • Permanent disability/disfigurement

  • Loss of consortium

  • Loss of enjoyment of life


If you have lost a loved one to wrongful death in a truck accident, we know that nothing we do will be enough. Nonetheless, we will do everything in our power to give you some semblance of justice and to bring you the funds you need to pay for the funeral and attendant costs, and for your loss of financial and emotional support.


Contact Our Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys Today

During this difficult time, when you need legal and moral support, we are here for you. Contact us now so we can step in to do the heavy lifting. We will always treat you with the personal attention and compassion you deserve.

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