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Being charged with and convicted of a crime is life-altering. From imprisonment and fines to reputational damage, there will be lasting repercussions. The best way to protect your rights, freedom, and future is to have an experienced criminal defense attorney. That’s where The Nunley Law Group can assist you.

Our firm defends clients from all backgrounds throughout Metro Detroit against all types of criminal charges. No matter the charges, we will provide aggressive representation and guide you through the criminal justice system. Although prosecutors have an unfair advantage over the accused, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to level the playing field. 

When you work with us, you will be confident with our experienced St. Clair Shores criminal defense attorney handling your case. Contact us today to book a confidential consultation. Se Habla Español. 

Representing Criminal Defendants in Metro Detroit

Our criminal defense attorney regularly handles a wide range of misdemeanors and felonies, including:


Michigan law distinguishes arson involving houses, other real property, and personal property and the charges and penalties depend on the facts of the case. Many cases of arson stem from attempted insurance fraud, others from malice. Our attorney knows how to defend these cases and frequently collaborates with arson forensic experts to provide evidence that a fire was accidental, not intentionally set. 

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery are two distinct crimes under Michigan law. Assault involves an act that would cause a reasonable person fear of imminent harm and includes attempted assault. On the other hand, state law defines battery as “a forceful, violent, or offensive touching of the person or something closely connected with the person of another.” Assault offenses range from simple assault to aggravated assault and assault with the intent to commit a felony. Defending against assault and battery charges takes the skills of an experienced defense attorney.  


Burglary, or breaking and entering (B&E), is a serious offense. B&E offenses under Michigan law include home invasion in the third-, second-, and first-degrees, which require a skilled St. Clair Shores criminal defense attorney.

Driving under the influence (DUI)

Because drunk and drugged driving is inherently dangerous, prosecutors in Metro Detroit vigorously enforce DUI laws. A first conviction for operating while impaired is a misdemeanor, punishable by fines and a possible license suspension. Subsequent drunk driving arrests can lead to felony charges. Our DUI defense attorney will avail you of all possible defenses and work to protect your driving privileges.  

Drug Crimes

Our firm has extensive experience with drug offenses ranging from possession to distribution, trafficking, and prescription fraud. Given the harsh penalties for a drug conviction in Metro Detroit, having an experienced defense attorney is crucial. 

Domestic Violence 

Domestic violence can afflict spouses, parents and children, current and former dating partners, and household members. Whether you need assistance obtaining an Order of Protection or defending against false accusations of domestic violence, our attorney will provide compassionate, effective representation during this difficult time. 


This violent crime occurs when an individual causes the death of another person, either intentionally or unintentionally. Homicide can result in manslaughter or murder charges of varying degrees, including negligent homicide, involuntary manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter, and second and first-degree murder. Having an aggressive defense strategy is the best way to preserve your freedom.

Resisting Arrest

If you have been charged with a crime in Metro Detroit, resisting arrest can lead to additional charges and penalties. Our criminal defense attorney has extensive experience handling cases involving resisting arrest and obstruction of justice and will work to protect your rights, 


Theft or property crime charges range from retail theft (shoplifting), embezzlement, and credit card fraud to unarmed robbery, robbery, and auto theft. You need a strong defense against theft charges.


Criminal trespassing in Metro Detroit involves entering or remaining on public property without the owner’s consent. Trespassing can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the facts of the case. 

Traffic violations

Our firm can defend you from all types of traffic offenses – speeding, failing to obey a traffic signal, reckless driving, tailgating – help you avoid a conviction and save you time and money by representing you in traffic court.  

White collar crimes

White-collar crimes involve nonviolent activities such as conspiracy, embezzlement, fraud, bribery, forgery, racketeering, identity theft, internet fraud, money laundering, securities violations, falsifying business records, credit card theft, and passing bad checks. These cases are complex and require the skills of a seasoned defense attorney.

What is the strongest form of evidence against a defendant?

The strongest forms of evidence against a criminal defendant are:

  • Eyewitness testimony placing the defendant at the scene. Even better if the eyewitness knew the defendant.
  • Clear video, DNA evidence, or physical forensic evidence linking the defendant to the crime scene, victim, or weapons involved. Very hard to refute.
  • The defendant’s own voluntary confession admitting guilt.
  • Records of the defendant’s internet searches, communications, purchases etc. related to committing the crime.
  • Evidence the defendant took steps to destroy evidence or obstruct the criminal investigation. Suggests consciousness of guilt.
  • Testimony from accomplices or others with inside knowledge implicating the defendant.
  • Evidence the defendant directly benefited from the crime through financial gain, career advancement, or other motive.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer can seek to undermine these types of evidence and also present affirmative evidence of innocence. But they clearly pose challenges for the defense.

Who has the burden of proof in most cases?

In the U.S. legal system, the burden of proof in most cases lies with the prosecution or plaintiff – not the defendant. Defendants are presumed innocent.

This means the prosecution has to prove all the elements of the charged crime “beyond a reasonable doubt” in a criminal case.

In civil cases, the plaintiff must prove their case and all claims against the defendant based on a “preponderance of the evidence” standard, meaning it is more likely than not that their allegations are true.

The defendant can seek to poke holes in the other side’s case and certainly argue their own innocence. But the burden ultimately falls on the prosecution or plaintiff to affirmatively prove their case rather than on the defense to prove innocence.

What are the types of defense that can be used in court?

Some common criminal defense strategies used in court include:

  • Challenging improper police procedures (like illegal searches)
  • Questioning the credibility of prosecution witnesses
  • Disputing the validity and accuracy of any forensic evidence
  • Proving law enforcement conducted suggestive eyewitness identifications
  • Arguing the defendant gave false confessions under coercion
  • Seeking to suppress defendant statements obtained improperly
  • Presenting affirmative evidence and witnesses supporting innocence
  • Introducing alternative theories and suspects
  • Attacking investigative bias by law enforcement against the defendant

An experienced criminal defense lawyer utilizes the best defenses available under the unique circumstances of each case and applicable state law. Having a sound defense strategy can lead to dismissed charges or acquittals.

The Criminal Defense You Need

If you have been charged with a crime in Metro Detroit, turn to The Nunley Law Group. When you meet with us, we will assess the case against you and choose the best line of defense. While we are committed to winning an acquittal, we will advise you of all your legal options. Above all, we will work to protect your rights, freedom, and future and stand by you every step of the way. Lead attorney Royce A. Nunley is comfortable in state and federal courts and has an impressive record of achieving acquittals and dismissals. No matter the charges, we always presume that you are innocent and will leverage our skills and experience to achieve the best possible outcome. 

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