Family Law

Legal matters are not only extremely stressful but very confusing! After going through three other attorneys I wouldn’t trust any other firm in the entire country! I retained Royce about 2 years ago for my family law case after realizing my old attorney wasn’t looking out for my and my children’s best interest. I deal with an extremely difficult ex-husband and in-laws where what they show in court isn’t what it’s in day to day life, so presenting the facts and showing the court real picture is detrimental for me. I was nervous if any attorney will understand my situation, but Royce did. From the very first hearing I was surprised and felt so blessed and at peace that how quick was Royce to understand complete picture in matter of hours. He has complete grasp and knowledge of Family law. Not only that, he understands difficult scenarios and doesn’t entertain any kind of nonsense. He is aggressive but very fair. He never promised victory but instead worked hard and proved with results. He is extremely thorough and organized in his work. He creates and keeps constant documentation that when its time, you go to court once and come back victorious. In two years with Royce’s help we’ve gotten my ex-husband held in contempt twice and got him to pay my legal fees. Royce will work hard for you and will treat you & your case with respect. He is very responsive to emails and is there for you at every step of the way. Anything that came up regarding my case he has gone out of his way to help me, guide me. Also, he only works with like-minded professionals and will refer you to the best if anything else comes up, you don’t find this just anywhere. Not only he works hard to keep things moving and keep his clients informed, he cares for you on a personal level as well which helps you cope with the emotional distress so you can continue to focus on daily tasks knowing you have the best Law Firm on your team. If you find yourself in the midst of the chaos of legal matters, it’s time to be serious about choosing firm, professional representation for yourself. I will be forever thankful for his hard work and dedication in my case.

— Ahseya
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