A father who loves his daughter very much.

I contacted Royce immediately after I was told that I would be unable to see my 10 week old baby daughter unless I took legal action. As is many cases regarding custodial rights of children, it was an absolute mess and I will spare the readers the details. Royce made things clear, easy to understand, was direct, didn’t waste time, charged fair rates and only charged for time actually worked. He was very very realistic about how things would likely unfold in the court system. He knew how to proceed, how to react, where to keep focus, and has the experience to back it all up. If it wasn’t for Royce, I don’t know where I would be regarding my ability to see my daughter and be her father. I am very grateful that he works in an area of law such as this and that he was available to assist me in my case. We are still currently working on getting fair and equal custodial time for both of my daughters parents. Family law can be a mess. Royce made it much easier to manage with his expertise. 110% would recommend to people who want the hard truth and an attorney who is realistic about what can be done in your personal situation.

— Doug

Best Lawyer!

Royce is extremely thorough from beginning to end and has a way of explaining legal terms so that anyone can understand what’s happening in their case. Best disability social security firm around. Highly recommend!
— Shelly

Family law case

I’ve been working with Royce for almost three years now and there’s no one else I can trust with my case. It’s unfortunate and difficult enough to be going through high conflict situation and the only thing worse than that can be not having expert and fair legal representation. Royce is extremely knowledgeable (even the most complicated situations), have in-depth understanding and best strategies on how to attack each situation within the case. He does not misguide or give false hope. He’s practical, real and up front. He works hard and proves with positive results every single time. If you’re looking for legal representation look no further he’s seriosuly the BEST!!!
— Malshae

Outstanding Service.

Royce and his team handled my case with extreme ease and care. They were prepared and highly effective. They were able to get my issue resolved quickly. I definitely recommend Nunley Law.

Professional and efficient

I really appreciate Royce’s expertise and efficiency as he helped me through my divorce. He was completely straightforward, honest, and to the point and put my mind at ease that I was in good hands. He kept me updated on anything that I needed to know and was quick to respond to any questions that I had while going through this process. The whole process went extremely smooth. I would definitely recommend him to anyone going through divorce.
— Darren

Great Lawyer

I really didn’t know what to expect during my Divorce process. Royce was understanding, thorough, took his time to make sure I understood the process. Was also very accommodating of my hearing impairment. Good results, glad it’s over.
— Michael

The Best!

Mr. Nunley has an extremely high work ethic. He worked hard to represent me and always addressed my concerns without delay. Mr. Nunley is an honest and compassionate attorney that you need to represent you. I would not delay using Mr. Nunley’s services in the future.
— Michael

Treated me like family.

Whatever I say about Royce won’t even come close to describing how good and decent him and his team have been to me and my family. Royce, is a generous non-stingy person. Some lawyers are so petty about $, and their language around compensation. Royce, has been extremely generous with his time and empathy. He always makes me feel like family. He has been so supportive towards me and has never been judgmental or condescending. He’s happy to explain the law to me over and over again; without patronizing or talking down. He’s has never been arrogant toward me even when I know I’ve been annoying. I like how he’s honest and won’t beat around the bush. He’s a patient genuine guy. I’m really lucky to have him as my attorney.
— Imran

Best attorney

He is very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. Stay on top of everything. Always prepared and helps you in every way.


Best attorney in Metro Detroit, and he will tirelessly work on your case he will not leave any stone unturned. highly recommend
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