lake in st. clair, MI about nunley law firm

The Law Firm

Founded in 2015

Serving the St. Clair Shores and surrounding areas since 2015. Solution-oriented group of attorneys dedicated to getting you the results you need. We have a vast network of attorneys, advocates, and specialists at your disposal all working to make your experience navigating the legal system as smooth as possible. 

Our Vision

We are here to help! 

Being faced with finding a lawyer can be overwhelming. We will do everything we can to make your navigation through the legal system as painless as possible. 

The Nunley Law Group is not just about you as a transaction. We are dedicated to our clients as people, not just as a business transaction. We are a full service law firm that can assist you in many different areas of the law. If we do not have the legal expertise to help you with your legal matter, we may be able to direct you to somebody who does possess the expertise to assist you. Some of the areas in which we practice are: Family Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Employment Law, and Immigration Law.

Value 01.


The biggest complaint that we hear from clients when they tell us about their past experiences with lawyers is that after they signed on with their previous attorney/law firm, they felt like they were forgotten. We have heard too many horror stories from clients about previous attorneys who wouldn’t return phone calls or emails. That is not the sort of treatment that you will receive from our firm. 

We strongly believe that communication is essential for quality legal representation. We promise to give you, and your case, the attention that you deserve. If you are unsure about what to expect, or what the process of your case entails, we will take the time to explain it to you.

We will give your case the attention it needs to make sure that we are more prepared and more knowledgeable about your case than everybody else in the courtroom.

Value 02.


We have represented hundreds of clients in multiple areas of the law. Our expertise lies in the areas of Family Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Personal Injury Law, and Immigration. We pride ourselves on getting the best results for each case and making sure that our clients walk away satisfied. 

Most of our cases come from Macomb, Wayne and Oakland Counties, but we have represented individuals in over 20 counties across the State. Our criminal appellate work often takes us to different counties and we have gotten results for our clients from everywhere that we have gone!

Value 03.


Often times people need support after their cases are over. Certain legal issues follow you for years afterwards. For example, after a divorce, there may be parenting time or child support issues that need to be addressed years after a divorce is final. Or, sometimes an individual convicted of a crime has to deal with the probation department. We will always answer the phone when you call and we will always respond to your questions, even if our representation of your case has ended. If we can’t help you with an issue, there is a good chance that we know somebody who can. 

We treat our clients like family and hope to be the first and last attorneys you think of no matter what legal issue arises. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.